Tuesday, 26 February 2008

We Made...

A whopping £70 for The Dogs Trust. Incredible. Enough to feed a dog for about two days I reckon, the amount they manage to wolf down.

But seriously, my heart was warmed by the sheer effort put in by my son and his friend. Okay, so maybe the jams and chutneys lurking at the back pushed up the profits a little but the kids were the ones racing around school just before the evening finished cornering parents and making them buy concrete flapjacks (taste tested this morning and they proved edible...just), scones and the last minute rice krispie cakes.

Hats off to them. They were brilliant salesmen. I would have included a photo, but a plate of crumbs isn't that exciting, so here's a cute picture of a dog.


Cusp said...

Well done.

Funnily enough I've got two Parent's Evening this week. First one, daughter(who was supposed to meet me there) went home with neighbour instead and I spent 20 minutes trying to find her ! No cakes and no drinks.

Second one, I made a chocolate cake to raise funds for new school well-being centre and son had to take in his taxi. Hope to God it got there in one piece otherwise they'll be trying to raise funds with a plate of brown crumbs !

seahorse said...

Ooooh, cakes in cars. Hope it was okay. We had a fantabulous disaster with a birthday cake for my Gran the other year. The ex took a corner a bit fast and it splatted against the passenger door, and rebounded all over my lap. It could well have marked the beginning of the end, so great was my annoyance.

Hope all went well, I'm totally busted.

Cusp said...

Yep, all's well --- got there in one piece and sold for a fiver ;-)