Monday, 2 February 2009

I Pressed the Red Button On My TV

And this happened!


Update: May I just add that the song title has nothing to do with me posting was far more a case of being blown away by seeing a full orchestra and choir giving an album I have sort of thought about buying the big treatment. I used to play in an orchestra and sing in a choir too, so this was an emotional experience. I've actually never heard Seldom Seen Kid before, and now I think I'll stick to this version as I fear that the 'original' will pale in comparison. I saw Elbow years ago and they were brilliant. Their music lends itself to this scale of performance. The orchestration throughout this concert was superb. I wonder who does that with an album? The band or an arranger? It's quite tricky. Look at the way the oboes take the descending theme halfway through. And that full-on brass! And the choir! Even my son liked it. And he doesn't do orchestras.

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Casdok said...

I must try pressing that red button!