Wednesday, 13 June 2007

In between forms

I have come up for air for a few minutes. The pure, clear air of my own space. There are so many procedures, forms, letters etc going on that I haven't much left in me to write at length at the moment.
So I'm mainly popping in on other blogs and staying in touch that way.
But I can at least say I now have an advocate, and a shit hot one at that. I no longer have to take on the world single-handedly. I have someone who can really kick ass. We're talking judicial review, the High Court if necessary. And on more than one front.
But I'm sick of this dominating so a bit of rest, time to unwind and reconnecting with pleasurable things like painting, reading, time with my son, should rehumanise me.
Thanks to all who have been supporting me, especially in the past week or so. It really has meant a lot.


S. said...

Excellent about the advocate!

Sally said...

Wow !! A shit hot advocate ... fantastic. Where did you find s/he and do they have any to spare down this way ?!

But you set the pace, remember, and take care.


Maggie said...

What a gorgeous flower - I love those hot pinks in a garden. Haven't even planted any seeds yet. The last two years we've had morning glories growing up bamboo in ginormous pots by our front door. Guess it's not too late to start them off, and maybe get some nasturtium seed at the weekend...

Glad to hear you have got an advocate. Good luck with all that stuff!

Best wishes from cloudy Liverpool

Philip. said...

I hope you find time to truly relax and unwind.

Great news about the advocate!!

Cusp said...

Just adding my two penn'orth to say 'bravo' re the Advocate.

Before I became proper poorly, I used to be an advocate and if things are done right they can make a real difference and take the pressure off the advocatee.

The person I worked with was an older lady and had learning disabilities. If she hadn't had an advocate and her a brilliant Care Worker she'd have continuned being pushed from pillar to post, just as she had been for most of her adult life.

Enjoy the little glimpses of peace you can grab now :-)

seahorse said...

Thanks all, I'm really touched. To be honest I'm just slumped with relief at the mo, which may last a while. It's been such a long, hard fight, and I've only really skimmed the surface here, plus of course it ain't over yet, but to have proper help at last means everything.