Sunday, 25 November 2007

I lied

Sod cooking, I just found this.

Such a big voice. And such effortless talent, she can still do it whatever state she's in. She may not even have been in a state on this particular day. See how me trying to judge whether or not she was in a state is getting in the way of a really great performance? Even I'm doing it, seconds into this post. And I haven't been party to most of what has been written of late.

Amy Winehouse was just starting to make it when I got ill. I haven't seen or heard much of her since (which puts me in a minority) as until recently I haven't been able to listen to music at all and I don't read the papers. But music videos on TV and stuff on YouTube are helping me rediscover music again. I seem to need the company of the artist to be able to enjoy their music. I can't do it with just me alone with the stereo. Why? I have no idea. I just get scared, or I cry. Sometimes I watch emotional stuff to help me with my emotions. And sometimes I just find stuff and think "Wow." This was one of those occasions.

It's hard not to want Amy Winehouse to pull through. I hate the thought of people buying tickets to see her only to end up going on about how out of it she was. It's sad. This live acoustic cover blows me away.


Cusp said...

Oh I love Amy W. She's such a huge talent and I really feel scared for her future. She reminds me of a slightly punky-ness mixed up with all those great Girl Groups from the 60s who were slightly rough round the edges.

If you listen to her CD, with the head of a 50 year old, like me, you realise that the poor soul has been going through hell emotionally and it's typical of the pain of that first really adult love that goes awry.

Whatever you might think about the boyfriend/husband, he was the one she fell for and when she thought she'd lost him she fell apart. The trouble is that now it's all got mixed up with drugs and drink and now she can't seem to pull herself out of it. No doubt, being in the business she's in, there are lots of 'helpful' people who can enable her habit.

One of her idols is Dinah Washington. If she goes the same way, God help her

Cottage Smallholder said...

I've tagged you for the 8 happy thoughts meme. Hope that you enjoy doing it.

seahorse said...

Cusp: It's sad that some of the most talented and creative people have had a tendency to self-destruct. I think along with the husband trouble there maybe a fear that life won't be half as interesting without drama, drugs and drink. Thing is, the ones who make it get to a point and I really hope she does too, where there's a realisation that life can be just as full, but in less destructive ways. Ronnie Wood still tours, sells his art at ridiculous prices, smokes like a bastard but has essentially survived intact. In fact I think it was Jagger who said Amy Winehouse was just going through what a lot of celebs hit when they can't handle fame. Not sure that's the whole picture, but I hope he's right when he said "She'll get over it."

Cottage SH: Am checking this out now, thank you!

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