Monday, 5 November 2007

Preserved in Amber

It's lovely how an exchange of ideas can develop a train of thought. Thank you Cusp.

Yesterday's post was all about how I have come to discover that cooking and photography help me stay grounded in the moment. There is a definite connection here. And amber is one of the colours to have infused my life these past few weeks.


D Phoenix said...

Love the golden colours. I have also recently rekindled my love of cooking which is kind of surprising considering I have a lot of stomach pain and can't eat a lot. I am cooking for others, though, and this feels good. Okay, it feels useful at a time where my output is very low. It is a creative thing to do and yes, I see how it keeps me connected in this world, in my world.

I have been dealing with a great deal of fogginess and fatigue lately and haven't been blogging or commenting on blogs very often. It can be hard to feel connected when you don't have the energy to talk or write much. Your blog always gives me a boost (and sometimes, a kick in the ass)and helps me see the value in sharing my images.

seahorse said...

Donimo, my own fogginess and fatigue means I haven't been around much lately either. Your latest photos are beautiful. You are right about cooking, it is creative and it does keep one connected. The feel of fresh ingredients, choosing the right herbs and spices, and the aromas from the kitchen can be so life affirming even when you feel all the life has been sucked out of you. I have to say though, I think that cooking with stomach pain is a major achievement. When I was going through that I could just about poach salmon and boil potatoes because even smells would set me off. Much admiration. I think strength is derived from the act of giving.

Cusp said...

Glad I can be useful !! ;-)

I love amber. You can find it on the beaches round these parts.

Your thoughts about preserving and photography have really sent me off on a train of thought. Have you managed to catch any of the BBC4 'Genius Of Photography' series yet ? Great telly

Cusp said...

You know, it occurs to me that, if you sometimes have the energy you may enjoy finding out more about old photographic processes which are a kind of blend of chemistry and recipe-following. Some, like the salt process aren't too hard to do at home.

Have a look

seahorse said...

Cusp: it's one of those series I thought oooh must watch that, then promptly forgot. I don't watch much TV, but if I can catch up with this one I think I may enjoy it. Intrigued by your alternative photography link. Wonder if I would be safe...but I guess salt is fairly harmless. Just used a load in some lime and chilli pickle I'm doing for someone for Christmas and the kitchen didn't explode.