Thursday, 13 December 2007

At last

I think I have a PA. Someone to do all the heavy, awkward stuff I've been struggling with for eight months. I am looking forward to feeling less ill and having more energy for my son.


Maggie said...

That's fantastic news. :-)

Hugs from chilly Liverpool (but we have a stupendous sunset sky!)

Sally said...

Five hours isn't nearly enough though - when apart from your own needs you have a son to care for,
this is my 'care plan' ... home helps for
3/4 hour each morning to clear up the mess I have made since they visited the day before and to help with meal preparation
2 hours per week cleaning the house
1 hour per week food shopping
1/2 hr per week ironing (yes, I am of that older generation that wears blouses that need irongin)
PA one session per week to go out with me when I am not safe to do so alone .. and to accompany at meetings with bastard social services !!
Happy Christmas, take care.
love and huygs

Cusp said...

Great news. There’s an award for you over at mine. Come and pick it up ;-)

seahorse said...

Maggie: Hi :) thanks

Sally: Hello! Long time no hear/see. It's actually two hours a week, and I will have to fight to get five, but now that I have an agreement it has to be reviewed. And because they've taken so long I have a backpayment from which I can eek out some extra hours for the first few weeks. They have agreed so far to do stuff in the house only. That's it. I have nothing else to say.

Cusp: Thank you!

Casdok said...

2 hours a week!
Why do we have to fight for what are basic needs?

Naomi J. said...

It's great to hear you can get something - but definitely keep fighting. It doesn't sound like much. I was given a certain number of hours (after months of fighting - there were people at social services who *really* wanted to turn me down), then told I couldn't possibly have any more. I had my case reviewed, and my social worker said there was still no chance I could have any more, but that he'd take it to the 'panel' that decides these things. I now have the number of hours I need. So, keep going! But it's good to hear you've had some success.

P.S. I'm Naomi, another Ouch blogger. I don't think I've commented on your journal before. I really like it, though. :)

seahorse said...

casdok: Yes, I know. But honestly I'm so done in that even two hours will seem like a Godsend. I won't have to have rubbish being got at by rats outside my back door. My son and I won't have to lie in sheets and duvet covers I can't strip off the bed to wash.

LWGirl/Naomi: Hi there. Your story is encouraging and I look forward to Jan 25 (the review of my care) when I can clearly demonstrate that 2 hours a week will not cover everything that needs doing. I will keep going. Good to hear from someone else fighting the fight!

fluttertongue said...

Fantastic news.
And a beautiful tree to boot.

seahorse said...

FT: Thanks. Small is beautiful, I think. Even small care packages.