Friday, 21 March 2008

Happy Easter!

Well, apart from anything else we have another excuse to pig out. My faith of late has been sorely tested so I am seeking solace in making carrot cake. This came about purely by chance.

My PA didn't show this week. It happens every so often only now I have back-up. An agency who on this occasion sent a lovely woman who looked a little old to be doing agency work (not ageist, just concerned) and she really did herself in doing my shopping, cleaning and laundry. She bought me 2kg of carrots. I still cannot fathom why as I checked the shopping list and the scrawl was legible. It wasn't even like I asked for 2 carrots and got 2kg (though to be fair, that's more an online sort of error if I think back to Goldfish's apples).

So faced with 2kg carrots I thought "Cake!" In fact enough for two cakes and carrot and coriander soup. And given the inclement weather, I am quite happy to stay put and feast on carrotish delights for a couple of days.

I apologise for the poor lighting of the cake. We were watching The Perfect Storm when the icing finally went on. Then there was suddenly only half the cake left.


Anonymous said...

Everyone is entitled to pig out, however if the pigging binge is an unhealthy one - then you have to be very careful not to put on weight. Shedding the pounds is a lot harder than you could imagine. Let the fat stay on Porky.

seahorse said...

Thank you Kath. I was accused by a friend of being too healthy when I offered her some carrot cake...there's still quite a lot to share out.
You weren't to know this but it's not hard for me to lose weight as my medical condition can adversely affect my stomach.And if I gain weight I tend to see it as a plus. I don't feel fortunate in the normal sense that I can eat what I like and remain a healthy weight, just fortunate that I survived a long period of semi-starvation. I tend to enjoy food more these days.

Anonymous said...

Hello Seahorse!
I'm glad to see you were so resourceful with those carrots. My rabbit ordered me to instruct you that, should you ever have 2 kg (2 kg!) of carrots again, he is dying for a carrot as he never gets anything to eat here.

Ooh, that little liar.
spotted elephant

seahorse said...

SE hi! How goes it?

Your bunny is most welcome for afternoon tea and carrot cake, or just carrots, any time. And that goes for you too :-)