Thursday, 6 March 2008

So we came home from school...

Me on a mobility scooter, he dressed as Mr Twit. It was Roald Dahl Day today.

"God, I'm so embarrassed," he muttered as we were halfway home.
"Why? Is it the scooter?" I teased, knowing what was really up.
"," he sighed, rolling his eyes.
"It's because I'm wearing purpley velvet girl's trousers," he hissed.
"Well, just walk close to the scooter then people will be far more interested in that than you," I advised, having had several long stares on the way to school, largely from people who sort of know me for staggering about the place and sinking at regular intervals into a heap on the nearest available bench.

By the time we'd nearly arrived home I remembered I had to nip to the supermarket for something.

"Come on then," I said.
"Uh, no way."
"Why?" Grin.

So I gave him the keys and he sprinted home, got changed into something more suitable and we sailed around Iceland and I didn't need my customary hour-long rest when we got in. Oh happy day, well until an intense discussion later on, but that's another story. And he did make a most excellent Mr Twit. We put food in his beard and everything. The purple trousers, incidentally, are true to Quentin Blake's illustrations, which have Mr Twit sporting a purple velvet suit. I'm sure Roald Dahl approved mightily, especially of the noodles and crumbs and bits and bobs in the beard. Grossing out the teachers would have been right up his street.


Anonymous said...

Purple velvet pants brings back dearest memories of when we were in the flower power era. Those pants we wore with pride.

seahorse said...

Hi Kacy: Do you know, I had some too? Flares as well. And that was in the late 80s. Sigh. God they were cool.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Okay, a little depressed because I was sure I DID comment on this but must have done that "Oh this is what I am going to say" but didn't.

I LOVE the fact that there is a Ronald Dahl Day. And he was a good sport as being Mr. Twit though again, the mystery which is men that "food is beard" not embarressing or threat to masculinity while "velvet girl's trousers" (unless most Rock bands?), an immediate threat. Well, all good information to gather.

seahorse said...

I too think having a Roald Dahl day is totally cool! He chose to go as Mr Twit, as it's his fave character. Let's wait and see regarding purple velvet trousers. If he decides to go Goth or Emo in a few years I'll remind him of this occasion :-)