Saturday, 17 May 2008

These Days

I surprise myself with joy. And feel more joyful at the surprise.

I ebb and flow. Eyes open. Eyes shut.

I move with caution. I move with abandon. I can be reckless without you even noticing.

I no longer ask "Why?" but "Why not?"

I know that I am alive. My heart bursts at the smallest thing.

I create.

I nurture.

I feel.

These days.

This is my belated post for ME/CFS Awareness Day, which was on Monday. I did know, but somehow it didn't happen on the day. So is it better to let it pass, or to post late? The latter, I feel. I've read some moving posts today, and they inspired me to squeeze a few words out myself. Rachelcreative has an archive of posts here


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, eloquent and moving :o)

Cusp said...

It's never too late. This sounds hopeful and it's lovely to see :0)

D Phoenix said...

I agree with Rachel. This is a meaningful addition to the discourse, the record of experience that is being recorded by bloggers. I strive to have this disposition you write about. Some days are harder than others. Thanks for the inspiring piece.

I'm wondering if I can still add a more personal post to FM awareness day this late in the game. My post was hammered out through a horrible fog and I chose to do something a bit more newsy than personal. I suppose every day can be FM awareness day!

(You may have noticed that May 12th was Fibromyalgia Awareness Day as well. Those of us with FM share many symptoms with those of you with ME/CFS, so it makes sense that we would share the same day.)

seahorse said...

Hey thanks :-) RC I'm just glad I could express something in the end, cusp thanks for recognising my tiny seed of hope (yes I am feeling a little better, less depressed, more alive) and donimo I'm chuffed you found something I wrote inspiring (though believe me it's not there all the time). Some days are harder than others, oh yes. I think add another piece if you feel more reflective. I had the same thought as you about every day being an awareness day so I'm with you on that one.

Rabbit said...

That's Beautiful and i found it very refresshing, bright and optimistic.

Kayell Arts said...

I just happened upon your blog. This post is really beautiful. Thank you, it was what I needed today :-)

seahorse said...

Thanks for visiting rabbit and testytiger, glad to spread a positive vibe or two your way

D Phoenix said...

I tried to do an ebb and flow and create and nurture kind of thing on Body of Work. I've been really overwhelmed in the past few weeks with pain and fatigue and a sister newly diagnosed with breast cancer. I've wanted to write something more personal for FM awareness day and for my blog in general, but I just haven't been able to focus. So I thought about this post of yours and took the time to post some abstract photos I took that I'm really pleased with. Thanks so much for the nudge in that direction.

seahorse said...

Oh Donimo I'm sorry, and very touched that my few words have led to another act of creation. Your photos are other-worldly and expressive in an immediate way. You know so well that creativity is the best antidote around to pain and fear. I know too, but slip out of the creative vein too often. Overwhelmed is the word I'd use as well, for different reasons.

The creative blogging spark happened to me too when I read something so astonishingly beautiful at An Unreliable Witness I composed something at the piano. And though I never wrote it down I still remember it. So it must be alright ;-) I'm glad it's happened here too. It's a special experience, so thanks for connecting :-)

D Phoenix said...

Homemade butterscotch pudding is a good antidote as well.

Thanks for you comment on my blog and for the reply above. I'm glad to have found you in the great wide world of the Blogosphere.

seahorse said...

You too Donimo. You've made me want to go all macro again. Shame it's going to be raining all weekend. One day I'll work out aperture and shutter speeds and all that stuff and get rain bouncing off a leaf. In my dreams.