Tuesday, 16 September 2008

I Want Something's Flesh

Yes, okay a shameless Withnail and I quote. I don't do it often but it really fits the occasion as yesterday I had my first red meat for a long, long time.

I did years on the theory that red meat exhausts the chronically sick body and should therefore be avoided. Then I read the opposite just before the weekend and thought "Sod it."

So yes, another post about what I'm eating. But the joy of savouring a lamb shank slow cooked with onion, leek, sweet potato, garlic and rosemary with roasted butternut squash on the side just had to be recorded.


Jenn Jilks said...

Interesting post. I am beginning by cutting out chicken, then beef this month. It makes such sense in this day and age. Once in awhile that succulent menu would be good!

seahorse said...

Hi Jenny jill. I believe all things in moderation, unless your body tells you otherwise. My body has complained a bit to be fair, but not enough for me to ban lamb shanks totally again.

The Goldfish said...

I actually gave up ethical vegetarianism for the B vitamins and easy protein and suffered no ill effects. Someone I know experienced a very strong remission from the lurgy joked it was all due to a diet high in red meat and bananas and learning to breath properly, these things happened to coincide.

There are lots of myths about meat and digestion, in all directions, and moderation is undoubtedly the key. But glad you had such a tasty meal. :-)

seahorse said...

Hi Goldfish :-) yes, what I read seemed to suggest red meat is good for the lurgy, which is news to me!

My system has been going WTF for a couple of days but it's still worth it and yes, I will be doing it again! Too delicious.

Cusp said...

Well there must be something in the air because after 35 years of being a veggie I was persuaded, for the good of my health, to start eating meat again. In all honesty I cannot say I really like it and cannot summon up the same excitement about eating animals but I have to say that the easy protein and vits. bit does seem to be justified so I'm keeping at it.

Glad you enjoyed your meal ---go on,admit it, I bet you sucked the bones --- ;0) x