Sunday, 21 September 2008


I have some news, and a tendency to wiffle at the moment so this will be brief.

Contrary to what my brain and body are both telling me is possible, I am attempting something rather ambitious. I am doing it on the precept that:

The foggy mind is equally valid and so should be given the chance to express itself

And so, I am embarking on a course in writing plays. The absolute bottom line for me is that I do not expect myself to perform at the level I enjoyed when last studying. This is an online course, it doesn't go towards a degree and it is purely for me to exercise the grey matter.

I would like to say how marvellous the OU has been in setting this up with my requirements in mind. I have transcripts of audio and audiovisual material and will be able to arrange flexible deadlines. I can do a lot of reading lying in bed with spiralbound textbooks and will save online activity for when I feel up to it.

I would love to be able to just write. But after four years steeped in psychiatric medication I feel my brain could do with a kick-start.


The Goldfish said...

Excellent news! Congratulations and the very best of luck!

The OU is super. If you need any advice from a former student, do drop me a line.

D Phoenix said...

Wow, way to go! That's very exciting news. From one foghead to another, I will second that validation.

One thing: what's a whiffle? The online Webster's says it's "used for a hollow plastic ball with cutouts in one hemisphere." Hmmm.

Cusp said...

Great stuff --- good for you for having the courage to go beyond what seems possible. Sometimes it's the only way.

Here's to foggy literature --- a new genre and as valid as any other.

We may be foggy but you'll see us rise from the mist ;0)

Anonymous said...

Wow, good luck with that.

seahorse said...

Goldfish: Thanks! I'm quite excited, and even this week got more stuff through from the disabilities team. It's great!

Donimo: Wiffle is slang for waffle, which is slang for going on, blah, blah, blah. Wiffle also rhymes with piffle, which is slang for a trifle, which is a mere nothing when it isn't being one of the best desserts ever invented. Wiffle is used, particularly by the Hugh Grants of the world, in an everso English attempt at mock modesty, a sort of "Oh it's nothing" moment. It's nothing. Really. But omigod I'm excited, so I'm lying.

cusp: Ah the mists, even if they are not clearing I can still say "Ah, the mists" and a play is born.

melanie: no wow, just ahem really. Good to see you back, even by another name. One of several it would seem.

Anonymous said...