Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Business As Usual

Well, someone somewhere has a sense of humour because having moaned about being cold we had a house fire on Sunday night.

My son was getting ready for his customary bath when a tealight caught the shower curtain and within seconds we had a raging inferno (well, okay, a not insignificant fire). So what do you do? Ignoring all advice I hurtled into the bathroom, grabbed a basket and bailed some of the bathwater in the general direction of the flames. Then we legged it, choking on toxic smoke.

The fire brigade arrived within three minutes and put the remains of the fire out. We were given oxygen in the fire engine for smoke inhalation. Hospital proved unnecessary because we only had a lungful or so each. Enough to cause a nasty cough, but not enough to do any lasting damage.

After an hour of general mayhem we were allowed back inside. The bathroom is a bit blackened but will be okay with a lick of paint. The shower has been obliterated as the curtain fell on it and sort of enveloped it in molten plastic.

Having said goodbye to the firemen (who fitted new smoke alarms for us and gave us some general safety tips...like be careful with candles) my son asked:

"Can we play Cluedo now?"

So we did. And the very next morning he went off for a week long trip with school. A bit fazed but ok I think as I haven't had a call and I did put the centre he's staying at in the picture. He's probably glad it's an outdoor sort of week.

An electrician from the letting agency is currently checking over the electrics, as it was lack of lighting upstairs that caused us to be using candles in the first place. He looks like Devendra Banhart. Which is nice. He's got to come back tomorrow to fix the wiring. Every cloud...


Wheelchair Dancer said...

oh my. glad you are both OK. The universe. Seriously.


The Goldfish said...

Very pleased to here you are both okay!

Hope the drama hasn't taken too much out of you.

D Phoenix said...

Whoah, I'm so glad you're both okay. Nothing strained as you made your splash and dash? I've burned a plastic shower curtain before, so I know the toxic fumes you're referring to. Yuck! I hope no wiring got scorched. I guess your landlord will now be putting in more light, yes??!!

And no more joking about burning things to keep warm!

seahorse said...

WCD: Thanks though I confess to being a little nonplussed by the universe reference. I think it's a compliment? Am I like a Ms Universe do you think, flowing cape and all? I wish.

Goldfish: Knackered in a wired (excuse the pun) sort of way, but yes, okay thanks. Was planning on having a quiet week (apart from my impending bus trip experiment). No chance. All sorts popping round. Stairlift person today as the stairlift cut out in the smoke. Electrician. Who next? The electrician will do for now (sighs dreamily).

Donimo: It's amazing what the body tricks itself into doing when in full-on fight or flight. It hit me in the fire engine, then I got a bit buzzy on the oxygen and felt better. Now I feel shit. Hoping to have lights back on pronto and no, no more jokes about burning things. Big question is will I get on the No 11 this week??? Maybe after a couple of days rest. The lights work on buses at least.

Cusp said...

Well I'm glad you can see a silver lining in the form of the electrician but, sheesh, thank God you two are OK. Could have been so much worse. Get hold of some Rescue Remedy in case the shock comes out later and banish candles or, in the meantime get one of those battery lights.

seahorse said...

Hi cusp. Just slept for 15 hours and feeling very groggy and a bit low and tearful today so I think easy does it is the name of the game for now. Wish I could just paint the bathroom. Am guessing it'll be like it is for a while knowing my landlord.

Cusp said...

Just popping by to see how you are ? Hope the worst is passed now. {{{{*}}}}

seahorse said...

Well, I went a bit manic last week. I think it was the shock and rather than rest I found I had to do stuff. So this week I'm resting. Electrics all sorted, bathroom due for a repaint any day now. Thanks cusp, ok just totally wiped.

Anonymous said...