Thursday, 16 October 2008

A Little Quiet Time

Well it's been manic since the fire. And mania is my least favourite state. Fuelled by shock, benzo withdrawal and lack of sleep, I have found myself engaged in compulsions that must be broken.

Like weighing every single item from my Grandmother's house clearance that has been demanded by She Who Hath No Name and Lives Abroad. In a bid to get on top of the situation I went a bit OTT on the postage research and could now, feasibly, work for the Post Office offering a consultancy service on volumetric weight calculations.

It had to stop. So it has stopped. Thank God. Only to be replaced by manic research into moving my Gran's savings. Though in the current climate I feel I am not alone in tearing my hair out and wondering what to do for the best.

And, as if sensing with that finely-tuned sixth sense of hers that I was all at sea, cusp sent me a lovely present in the post that has soothed, relaxed and reassured. Thank you cusp, you are a love. And I smell gorgeous for once.

So at last, I have calmed down. A bit. And I am seriously ready for some quiet time. The decorator who will be repainting the bathroom asked me yesterday why I don't just move into my Gran's house, as I was moaning we hadn't let it yet. Ha, ha aha ha ha (and thrice ha, ha aha ha ha). Like I really want to be that enmeshed in family? And like I can afford the rent I'm charging? Anyway, we got a tenant today.

Here's a picture of a strawberry tartlet to celebrate.


Reading the Signs said...

Can't seem to look in anywhere without being assailed by delicious cake things (and there's that cat and mouse thing over at Cusp's). But anyway: as an image it's eloquent. Hope life gets to feel a bit more like this after all you've been through.

Cusp said...

Oh...a lovely little bon-bouche. Looks everso elegant. Perhaps you could turn the bathroom into a cake shop as it's being renovated anyway. Sod might get a bit wiffy but people would still love you for your cakes ;0)

seahorse said...

Signs, yes I think unconsciously I drew inspiration from a visit to cusp's :-) Cakes spread happiness in a way that few other things can.

cusp: What a great idea! Where the bath was we could have a counter and a huge display case, and the airing cupboard could become an oven. Oh, it's an oven already...try germinating seeds in there and you end up with a kind of dried mud seed cake.

Never That Easy said...

A calming little treat: exactly what you needed. I needed it too: thanks for sharing.

seahorse said...

never that easy: a pleasure :-)
Will write again soon and hope all is well with you

D Phoenix said...

I want that little tart right now! Oh, that sounded racy. No, but seriously, can you mail one my way? Sugar somehow soothes the soul. I know it oughtn't, but sometimes, it works better than a sunset, damn it.

I miss being online, I miss our back and forth. I hope you've calmed a bit, rested a bit and have made cents of your money stuff. Oh, you have pence, not cents, so that doesn't make sense, does it? Yes, I have officially gone off... all it took was a house swimming in sewage and all my belongings being carted off to storage. Time to go eat pudding!

D Phoenix said...

Okay, I must add that I just tortured myself by clicking on the photo and it's sugary loveliness didn't even fit on my big screen.

seahorse said...

Donimo, well it is a teeny tiny cake after all. Sewage? Storage? Gosh, I don't keep up with blogs as regularly as I should - too much going on - and someone else has a catastrophe!