Thursday, 12 March 2009

Too Much Clutter

I have been neglecting this space at a cost recently. Trying to accomodate my brain going from first to fifth gear has resulted in chaos. Some of it good, some of it not so good.

I'm now in hyperdrive and desperate to get off. Pitching from days of no sleep to sleepathons where I only seem to get up for breakfast with my son before returning to bed until he gets home from school.

The best thing to report is we have a fully functioning greenhouse. And I have sourced some local manure. The worst thing? Finding out that I accidentally started a course in Applied Linguistics. I thought it was lighter than it is. Aaaagh.

What is the etymology of haywire I wonder?


tapirgal said...

It's wire for baling up hay. I looked it up, but that would have been my guess. I suppose they used to have a lot of problems getting it to work right. I had horses at one time, I can tell you the wire is pretty stiff, but the user side is not so bad. It must have been on the production or baling side. There's also an old phrase, "fix it with baling wire." So I guess the stuff can be useful. I had a junior high school teacher who used the phrase a lot, but in earlier times, I guess they really used it for fixing things around the house and farm. Why not :) Early recycling.

D Phoenix said...

You're on quite the rollercoaster sleep-wise. I hope that you and your brain settle into a more sustainable pattern! It sounds like things are interesting, though.

seahorse said...

Tapirgal hi, and what a fab name! Thanks for explaining haywire to me. Much appreciated. Am very interested in words all of a sudden.

Donimo, yes, you could say that. But hey (or hay) I get to look over my greenhouse in the small hours and listen to the frog chorus booming out from my pond across the neighbourhood. Getting the giggles in a greenhouse at 1am is a tad silly but quite fun :-)

D Phoenix said...

Glad you have insomnia with a view and a late night chorus!