Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Winter's Crown

In winter the garden is alive with ghosts


D Phoenix said...

Nice work. Calling them ghosts makes the photos seem mystical. I especially like the off centre dark brown leafy thing. What is that? The browns are so rich and the space around is is lovely.

My camera has been collecting dust art-wise. I have taken some crappy pics and video of my little dog doing agility and that's about it. If it ever stops raining here I should get out and start taking some shots. These shots are encouraging for me: there's beauty everywhere.

Elizabeth McClung said...

Thank you, I like that, they evoke a beauty by themselves, as I cannot see the summer selves, just these - and tend to sympathize with them anyway!

seahorse said...

Hi Donimo thanks - it was a trip to the Botanical Gardens that led to this post. So melancholic. The brown thingy is a globe artichoke. I'm hoping to grow some this year. Apparently they taste as good as they look.

Elizabeth hi there! Do you think it works? It's a photo poem. I had written a line for each pic but decided to take most of the verse out. I sympathize with them too.