Monday, 5 March 2007

Rain Rain Go Away

Three days is a little trying. Sometimes when the weather is this inclement I can actually feel a little less pissed off that I can't get out much anyway. If you're snug and warm that can feel as good as being out and about, and often better. But sometimes it's just frustrating to have the option of going out completely removed. Thank goodness for Lady Bracknell and her parlour games, which are a most welcome diversion, rain or no rain. What a fab idea - if anyone knows of any other games (so far we've enjoyed I Went to Market and I Love My Love) which would suit the comment format then take a wander over to her site and make a suggestion.
Today has largely consisted of bed, pain, rest, hobbling and a couple of visits to Bracknell Towers. This post would have been somewhat less interesting had it not been for the ingenuity of a fellow blogger who has a big enough heart to keep the entertainment of others in mind. It really does mean a lot when you're feeling low, laid up and lonely. Games allowing for the wanton use of alliteration are particularly welcomed.

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