Thursday, 30 August 2007

Up a gear

I have v little energy but wanted to say that I found out this week I qualify for the high rate mobility component of DLA, after much battling.
So whilst I am still creaking from the other day, at least I now have many and varied new mobility options open to me that I am in truth yet to get my head around.
First up, I whizz around the board and collect a Blue Badge immediately, having languished in jail for several goes, despite appeals to my consultant to release me by writing to the Blue Badge people. He didn't so I only now get a badge.
Second up, I can afford to pay for taxis for at least a few more turns whilst I consider options three and four, involving Motability, which I know v little about at present.
Being on high rate mobility also might convince social services that I need slightly more help than they are currently proposing, which amounts to not a lot.
But I really can't write about it at length at the mo (thank goodness, nuff said).

My friend came over yesterday and being one who understands only too well the energy expenditure/pain payback thing, we were soon frankly having to laugh over how incredibly knackered I have made myself by having a garden strop in a straw hat. She's had similar moments of frustration, with similar results. And because she knows how I'm feeling she:

Went to the chemist to collect me a prescription
Got me some food because I ran out and can't face doing an online order
Made lots of tea
Told me to try softly punching cushions next time

And she told me that although I can no longer drive, someone else can drive a car on the Motability scheme for my use. Is that true? I can hardly believe it. Is the tide turning, I wonder?

Freedom seems such an alien concept I'm almost scared to push on and achieve it. Is it possible that in the course of becoming disabled we can sometimes become stuck in a particular way of doing things, even if it's not the best way, because it's all there has been for so long? If so then doing things differently means changing bad habits that have arisen more through deprivation than lack of concern for oneself. I am used to things being impossibly difficult. I will almost struggle if things become easier. This seems ludicrous.


The Goldfish said...

I know the feeling; if you're pushing against something and that something suddenly gives way, the momentum can tip you over.

It is excellent news about the DLA; that is a magic key that seems to open all manner of doors. It is true that you can get a mobility car regardless of your ability to drive - just as you can use a blue badge as a passenger.

Will be in touch properly soon.

seahorse said...

Goldfish: I'm so so sos oso so confusded and so very tired. I can't sleep, I know I'm on the brink of something, the edge of the diving board. You're right, I feel tipped over by this news, but also not quite tipped. It's like I have to jump as well. Make a move.
Wow re the car. Really wow. Zonk.