Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Countdown #7

Today we made cakes. They got everywhere, being the sticky, gooey sort of cakes that tend to spread chocolate all over the house when combined with children, or indeed chocolate-loving, absent-minded adults.

Who cares? Being an anxious type who is very good at negatively predicting the future, I have convinced myself that I am going to die at the dentist's next Tuesday. This being the case, I will be doing everything pleasurable and nothing practical in the next seven days.

We arsed about in the kitchen so much it will take quite a bit of cleaning up. But to be doubled up with laughter (he was actually rolling on the floor) has been a very welcome interlude in this tide of woe.

We have also been watching Shaun The Sheep. Yes, we are late to find him. But oh, what a find. So much funnier than Wallace and Gromit, with the same spot-on observation and attention to detail but just hilarious sequences of slapstick interspersed with very clever and subtle references and some great silent comedy moments. Really very funny. But you all knew it long before I did. Great taste, Lady Bracknell.


fluttertongue said...

Oh no! There will be no death at the dentist, though from the look of those there may be death by chocolate. I've been off sugar for a fortnight and I'm sure it's doing the world of good to the extreme fungi pervading my being but not for my temperament. I hope you have a fantastic week, and that you use it as a blueprint for life in general.

Cusp said...

Ooh these look very scrummy. I hope you remembered to brush your teeth afterwards ;-)

The dentist always brings on a pall of gloom but afterwards you wonder why you were so worried. In a few weeks you'll be living it large and able to enjoy more cake with teeth that don't hurt anymore

seahorse said...

Fluttertongue: Extreme Fungi... should be the opener to a personals ad, as in 'seeks Extreme Fungirl". Ahem. Maybe not. Blueprint for life. Yes, it would be nice but I'd be bankrupt very quickly.

Cusp: Yes that's true. Always good to look past the eye of the storm. Cake, and more cake, then Christmas cake, that's what I say.

Maggie said...

Those cakes remind me very much of our family Birthday Cakes, though of course for a Birthday Cake they need to be larger. ;-) We do choc sponge cakes sandwiched together with LOTS of choco butter cream, then covered in it and smothered with smarties and buttons (we usually do the sides in buttons, smarties on the top), just leaving enough space for candles...

My fave was the one I did for John's 30th Birthday (many years ago!), which actually had 30 candles on top of it. Later birthdays we had to resort to those number candles to avoid complete conflagration of house! ;-) But the 30 candles were pretty impressive when they were lit!

Hugs from Liverpool - will be thinking of you next Tuesday.

seahorse said...

Thanks Maggie. We do exactly the same as you. Easter ones have mini eggs on them, but the main thing is to pack in as much chocolate as possible. These were mini versions using our usual sponge recipe. For my son's last birthday I managed conflagration of my hair (luckily with only minor damage but a horrible smell) so have resolved not to carry through cakes for older relatives :-)