Saturday, 6 October 2007

Hope You Like Jamming 2

Flu jab done and I was out of the surgery door and over the road to the farmers' market. Thanks to the lady from HollyandtheIvy I got some on the spot jelly counselling. I bought some of her quince jelly and it's really tangy and delicious.

And thanks to The Cottage Smallholder who stopped by here to give me sound advice. I remembered to ask the people down the road if I could snaffle the rosehips in their front garden and they were happy to oblige in return for some of the results. So I get to have another go. Yay! (Groan from everyone I won't do another blow by blow account. Just the results maybe). The lady who owns the house remembers her Gran making rosehip jelly. I will make it clear that I am not as experienced as her Gran no doubt was.

In the end I forgot to take my first attempt to the market. Having read over last night's post I'm quite relieved. I think it would have looked a little odd, and certainly overly-preoccupied, which I'm not, honest. And in any case I tried some more today on toast. Yes it's very sweet. It's a preserve. I just tend to avoid jam normally because I know white sugar is really bad for my system. But I think the preserve-making bug has hit. So plenty of other people can benefit even if I can't. And there's always savoury recipes to try.

Anyway, I learned that lemon is important to the setting process, so next time I'll add some. Less sugar is just a case of trial and error and getting past the beginner stage.
Top Tip Keep bags of sugar in your airing cupboard if you have one. It warms it so you don't have to warm it in the oven (this is done to aid the dissolving of sugar once it is added to your fruit).
At the very next stall I found quinces and crab apples. So I bought just enough to carry home without collapsing in a heap and am begging a few jars off people so I can get on with my next batch. I love all these fruit I've never cooked before.


Cusp said...

Proper cottage industry now.

You could be a one woman 'Woman's Institute' !

Jerusalem Jerusalem.....

Glad you're enjoying all the culinary pursuits and the distraction they provide


seahorse said...

Yes, hmmm. Actually feeling a bit knackered. Forgot I have M.E. and got a bit carried away. Now have to work out if I can freeze whole crab apples and quinces, or pulp them first then freeze. I feel a break is going to be necessary before my next stint in the kitchen. Which is frustrating but the golden rule is not to overstep the mark, which I have clearly done, the way my body is complaining. Humph.

fluttertongue said...

Reading these posts I had a feeling you'd forgotten about the old ME. But it's so lovely to read about stuff that someone is passionate about. Even if it's a short-lived passion. And to be caught up in that whirlwind of excitement at something newly discovered, especially something where you collaborate with nature herself is just so elating, even if it winds you down.

seahorse said...

M.E is just a right sod isn't it? I'm fed up. But I will probably make more jam just out of boredom if nothing else. Plus I like a challenge. It's a tricky, sticky process.