Monday, 7 January 2008

Bloody Nora!

I thought we'd escaped. How wrong I was. This evening my son suddenly projectile vomited on the rug and in the course of a mere couple of hours has been ferociously set upon by The Norovirus.

Of course being a self-centred neurotic, once I'd got him sorted with water, Calpol, bed and sick bucket my mind turned to the awful prospect of me getting it. Post wisdom tooth infection, weakened, half-mad (well okay, fully insane) with hormonal trouble, a very heavy period and now the prospect of being really very ill indeed.

So yes, hands up. I'm terrified. I don't think there's anything those with lowered immunity can do but pray. And cover themselves in anti-bacterial spray.


Maggie said...

Dear Seahorse, so sorry to hear you have this in your house. Beware the runs!

Put in as good infection control as you can manage. No shared towels - give your son his own hand towel to use, stuff like that.

Fingers crossed you manage to avoid it - the projectile vomiting is very exhausting, and leaves your muscles feeling awful.

Will be thinking of you and your son. My commiserations to him - it's horrible, but it *does* pass eventually.

Hugs to you both (if you feel you can accept them) from Liverpool

The Goldfish said...

Oh goodness, I hope you will be okay.

However, I'd also start treating yourself; lots of fluids and thinking about what you're going to eat over the next few days if you are both sick.

Take care and hope this crisis passes as soon as possible for you both.

seahorse said...

Maggie and Goldfish thanks.

Maggie: I'm well practised at infection control as I'm sure you are too and the spray is out and being used at every turn. It feels good to be able to 'zap' the invisible enemy, even though I can't be sure I haven't got it.

Goldfish: My son's bout seems to be easing. He's been in bed all day reading Calvin and Hobbes and occasionally snacking on cream crackers. Progressed to a ham sandwich with no major ill effects...but I've had to frequently remind him about drinking water. I reckon the best preparation for myself is to eat and rest a great deal, drink lots of water as you say, and hope and pray. PA coming Thursday and she can bring us essential supplies. Of course, my son may be back at school by then. Two days off is generally what they're saying.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! I do hope your son is feeling much better and that you have managed to escape the horrible bug!! {{HUGS}} to you both :o)