Tuesday, 22 January 2008

It's Been ...it's been

A really eventful year, recorded in a most haphazard fashion and brought to you with the aid of photographs and much wittering.

This year will be equally eventful. Because life is full of events. I can never understand people who say "Nothing much" when you ask them what they've been up to. Perhaps they are just being polite, thinking that I do bugger all because I'm ill. Or perhaps they think "Nosy cow, sod off".

Anyway, I long to get my camera out and go and find some snowdrops or something. Anything. At least now I have wheels my scope is somewhat widened

A scooter is parked in my outhouse. Delivered yesterday, secondhand and seemingly in good enough nick to carry me about. Today the men who delivered the shed for all the garden stuff that used to be in the outhouse put the component parts of said shed up against... the outhouse door. So now I can't get to the scooter. Laugh? Yes, I did. Anyway, I've got another kerb to lower before I can feel the wind on my face.

The picture is from last summer. It means a lot to me. Plus I miss blue skies. Bollocks to January.


Anonymous said...


It's been great getting to know you and I would love to join you and your new wheels one day for a wheel around with our cameras! :o) Email me if you'd like to and we'll make some arrangements! I have a manual wheelchair though so you'd have to go a little slower or my 'pusher' won't be able to keep up! ;o)

Have a great week, looking forward to pictures of your wheels and the new shed! :o)

D Phoenix said...

This picture is f'ing gorgeous. Your framing is spot on. I love the colour and the texture and the wire and the spans. GOLD STAR!!! So glad you posted it.

Thanks for checking out my Ouch blogs. It's a great site and I hope they start organizing the blogs a bit so we can search by author!

Hey, have you checked out my personal blogs? I have one that is humorous and one that features my art and photography. I'd love to get some feedback from you if you have the time.

But yeah, nice shot. I look forward to seeing where you go on your scooter and what fab new pics you come back with.

Cusp said...

Hi Seahorse.

Can you check your Emails. I need to be in touch ;-))

Love Cusp x

seahorse said...

Donimo, yes I've been over to your blog a number of times. I don't leave comments much these days (esp if I'm feeling low or a bit insecure) but I love your photography. I should comment more, as I feel really happy you like the shot I posted here! Thank you :-)

Cusp: Checking it out now

seahorse said...

Talj: The top fell off that last comment somehow: was saying thanks and definitely! Once I'm out and about and used to using it, will be in touch :-)