Wednesday, 14 March 2007


After a rather embarrassing collapse today (I call them rubber bandy body moments with electric shock pain waves) I am jumping ship and get a few days rest at my mum's before Mother's Day. I want to be in a slightly better state for that than at present.
My loving, giving and ever-understanding son has given his blessing to me getting some serious rest before he joins us at the weekend. He has also given his approval for the imminent use of a wheelchair. He sees it in such a simplistic 'needs must' way. But that's another post entirely.
So, for this intermission, here are some black and white photographs from the previously featured church and exhibition.

I was very lucky with the sunshine. The reflection of the window on the floor blew me away. Here's the window itself. I love the way you can sometimes take pictures directly into sunlight. I use natural light with flash if necessary.

And lastly, a section of the old carved font found in a quiet corner in repose on the floor. I don't attend this church as part of the congregation, so I'm not sure if this font is in use, but it is beautiful. I love the dark corners and heavy, ornate wood in churches. It's all very grounding, very peaceful and very restorative.

Peace to all over the weekend. Back soon.


Anonymous said...

Your pictures are most impressive!

I'm wishing you a deep recuperation and an early Happy Mother's Day.

bridgett said...

How lovely.

In the US, we celebrate Mother's Day in mid-May...I was confused until I checked the UK calendar. Enjoy the rest and the spring weather.

Nickerjac said...

I hope your visit to your mum makes you feel a bit recharged :)