Tuesday, 3 April 2007

My bath is about to overflow

but I had to post quickly to say how very chuffed and amused I was to be honoured with joint first position in the latest in an amusing series of parlour games well underway at Bracknell Towers. Lady Bracknell's Editor placed me in the esteemed company of the Queen_Mum and I look forward to more of these extremely enjoyable and sociable diversions in the near future, maybe even here. Check out the link to Bracknell Towers for the most recent game, and see how well it can work, and just how long people can be entertained when playing a parlour game online. I really am a big fan, and if anyone has any ideas for any more that translate well in the comment box arena, then let us know :-)
And I didn't even mention that I am moving house. I am moving ho (no, stop it, enough, give everyone a break).

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bridgett said...


Are you bovvered?

Or is it going alright?