Sunday, 1 April 2007

Nearly there

Three more days. I have the keys, and an idea in my head of what home will look like in a few weeks once we are settled. I have some ideas for simple ways to brighten things up. It's a nice little house, it just needs that personal touch. Thanks to Sally and Goldfish for helping me with some great top tips for crips on the move. Any more from anyone, please feel free. Tell me your stories :-)
The schedule goes: Mon-Wed pack (well, help others help me pack), Thurs the van arrives. After Thurs who knows? Straight into chaos or debunk to my mum's for a few days? My son is away with his Dad. I am showing him the house tomorrow, then I figured he's best off enjoying himself over Easter. I feel some space to be emotional will spare him some scenes. I don't always have control in times of high stress, so this is the best thing.
I don't envisage having everything sorted on his return. In fact I want him involved in the sorting - it will be important for him.
But our last move was so traumatic (it fell through on the day, and all our possessions were driven off in a van because it was too late to unload, leaving us in a completely empty house overnight. I won't bore you with the rest, but we lived out of boxes for weeks and it was a nightmare) that I want to spare him the stress of our few bigger belongings being shifted this time.
These are moving times indeed. I haven't been able to take any photos lately, but thought I'd post this one I took, when Spring had just sprung.
Spring isn't totally passing me by, but I'm so preoccupied, tired and worried that I feel I'm not embracing it as fully as I might. Hopefully things will look up and this very difficult patch will pass. I am at least pleased to report that things are becoming increasingly amicable and supportive between us, even as we part. He's probably thinking "Thank God!". I know I am at times, but it's more about getting out of a situation than escaping a person. Because none of this is about blame.
I'm sure some reflective posts will follow when things settle down. I really want to share thoughts on how all this came to pass because it's not all about the personal dynamics at play. Our experience is one that many people must be facing, or have faced, when presented with a sudden, all-encompassing change in the previous modus operandi. But enough for now. I ducked out of Dr Who for a few mins, but feel I must return, though quite what the hell is going on I really couldn't say.


bridgett said...

I may not envy the move, but I envy you the Dr. Who. People in the States have to wait for the DVD collections and get it all in a lump, after all the surprises have been blown by those who watched it six months ago. I'm sure there's a "story of my life" commentary in all that, but it would be too sad to utter.

Wishing you peace and strength of all different types in the next week.

seahorse said...

Thank you so much Bridgett. It's nice to have people's good wishes giving me strength for the days ahead. I feel humbled that I did not pay more attention to what was indeed an auspicious occasion - the first in the latest Dr Who series. My son loved it. I will try to pay more attention next time, but the graphics do my head in, and to be honest I still find it just a little bit scary. And I'm 34. In the UK most people swop stories of hiding behind the sofa during Dr Who when they were little. I know I did :-)

bridgett said...

I (heresy alert!) hated the original series. I know, I know...terrible to admit it. I thought it was fey drivel (a little too old for it when it broke first in the States midway through the Tom Baker days). The farting and wheezing and the squealing of the music made my head hurt and early BBC special effects were pretty hokey. My husband is a big fan, though, and lost no time hooking me on the "Doctor and Rose" series.

I, too, find it scary -- many bathroom breaks, no no, no need to pause the video -- and our daughter is equal parts compelled and freaked out by the monsters. If we had a couch, I think the girls would all be behind it.

It's Thursday where you are, so today's the day. Best of luck.