Friday, 27 April 2007

Tea and sympathy

It's been a busy old week. Many and varied health professionals have passed through my door to offer their assessment of my newly urgent needs.
The results, in brief:

  • I need a wheelchair. Quick. It took them more than a year to assess me. Spurred on by the magnificent Sally, I finally kicked off big style last week and they turned up. Now I'm told that although my case is likely to be prioritised, I could still face a wait of another year, possibly two, for an actual wheelchair.

  • I am too ill for physio. A physio visited me at home to tell me that if they have to do home visits they generally consider a patient too fragile for treatment. I am too fragile to be mucked about with, or to do exercises, that much is true. But she did deliver the news in a slightly 'irritated to have been called out' manner. Well don't come then. I've got plenty of things I'd rather be doing too!

  • I will soon be in receipt of a grabby stick and not so soon (social services involved) various rails and ramps will be installed. I envisage having a ramp for a wheelchair, ooh, at least a year before the chair itself. That's if the landlady doesn't throw up her hands at the prospect of alterations, albeit all temporary ones.

So there you have it. Tape measures and discussions galore, and yet I suspect nothing much will happen very imminently. So I will settle back into the quiet life of being chronically ill without much input. And sometimes, that seems more appealing than a lot of fuss and bother that seems to go nowhere. Then my GP called today to say a nurse will be round on Monday to do 'some blood tests.' *!!*!??? why now all of a sudden, unprompted? It's the bus situation again. They really do all come at once. I'm off to watch some gardening programmes and have a nice cup of tea.


Nickerjac said...

Watch out for the ramp, they gave dad one which is completely useless, our council appaerently don't build ramps any more:( so you get these fod out things which don't fit over the door frame so still doesn't allow for independence.

Sally said...

Glad that things are moving. If the landlady isn't happy, have you considered a housing assocation adapted property ? If there is suitable accommodation in an area you would like to live (bungalows are great ! - provided you are not surrounded by oldies like me) get yourself prioritised on the housing list at the Council - I know, all this sounds like a lot of hard work, and it is, but only start it if you feel you will be better off at the end of the process.
Don't wait a year for wheelchair - get a professional assessment from the NHS wheelchair service (which may be different to the standard issue provided), or a reputable big name dealer who is not tied to one manufacturer - then get help to fund it. The NHS may provide a voucher towards the cost. Funding raising first time round took me a year, but I didn't know what I was doing then, and I politely waited months for replies. Charity is a good thing - not begging, but stating your need for necessary assistance. For pointers, phone 'Charity Search' 0117 982 4060. Then if necessary get help to raise the funds, perhaps CAB ?
Don't feel that you have to act on all or any of these suggestions - they are just nuggets of information that may or may not be relevant to your situation !!

seahorse said...

Thanks both. Sooooo done in today. Now trying to save energy for BADD. But your thoughts much appreciated.

The Goldfish said...

If you're not already doing so, it is possible to hire a manual wheelchair from various charities while you're waiting to get sorted. The Red Cross and St. John's Ambulance usually have them to loan out, and also disability advocacy places like DIAL, the DAG or DAB.

Often they ask for a donation, but not always and the mandatory sum is usually very little. Sometimes they have a time-limit but this is usually based on how long they expect service to sort you out with one of your own. Good luck, anyway!

seahorse said...

Thanks Goldfish but I can't operate a manual chair. I looked into hiring electric power chairs but haven't had much luck. It's all to do with the dreaded ubiquitous helfnsafety rules pervading society these days.