Sunday, 13 May 2007


I am having a few days off, from here, from everything other than playing cards with my son, maybe a dvd or two and lots of lavender baths.
I do this as an act of kindness both to myself and to those of you who regularly stop by here. Thanks for your thoughts or words of advice and comfort.

Although I am in the eye of a storm (probably in a teacup) I do not ever want to become overly dependent on my blog for support. I want it to be my escape, and an escape for others, with the occasional wibble (and I think this is a wibble, rather than a wobble) which I will then go and address somehow and come back feeling better.

Back soon when troubled waters are feeling a bit calmer.


S. said...

Enjoy your time off. See you when you get back!

Sally said...

Remember you make the rules on your blog. It may be public but, ultimately, its your space, not a chore.
Enjoy peace and space.

The Goldfish said...

Am thinking of you. :-)

Anonymous said...

Checking in. How's tricks? -- Bridgett

fluttertongue said...

Thank you for taking it easy on yourself. It makes me feel less guilty for doing the same and reassures me of your clear sagacity in looking after the things you can whilst those beyond your control are less than sunny. Your pictures are stunning and I feel inspired to take some shots of the few bits of colour dotted around our untended garden. I'm very lucky that my parents live near Richmond Park and when I visited earlier in the week I caught the end of the rhodedendrans and azalias in Isabella Plantations. There was a light rain and it at once drew out the scents and fended off the erstwhile crowds. Never have I seen such a host of colour: whole bushes blanketed in all manner of pinks, whites and reds. It was magical.

seahorse said...

Hi all. Too tired to post but thanks. Just thanks really.