Sunday, 27 May 2007

Oh gosh

Goldfish has given me a Thinking Bloggers Award. The posts she mentions include my Blogging Against Disablism Day entry, which encapsulates what this site is about, so that's the one I'm linking to on the sidebar. Although re-reading I Am Happy reminds me what a journey this has been, and still is. Without going all 'acceptance speech' on everyone (I'm thinking Gwyneth, given my current precarious emotional state) I really am chuffed. Not least because I followed and loved The Goldfish's blog long before starting my own. In fact it was the first blog I ever read. Guess I struck lucky.
And it was reading her, and from her site many others, that eventually propelled me into action in January just as I was approaching a major change in my life, leaving my home and partner of ten years.
Why did I choose such a turbulent time to start The Beauty Offensive? There are times when I ask myself this, and I am sure I am not alone. Spare us any more, please!
But reading what she says in her chosen five, Goldfish clearly gets what The Beauty Offensive is all about, and she has picked those rare posts that display attempts at coherence and a point that links back to my mission statement.
It is a real boost getting this award. Yes, it's only a blug (a blug? I mean a blog) but this is part of my home, a part I extend to all with a warm heart. And it's where I come to share beauty. I've learned that it is not a panacea, but I do attempt to pour healing balm where I can.
And despite hard times (yes, yes I know you've all had your fill of gnashing of have my teeth) there are those glimmers, those breaks in the clouds...etc etc oh gosh.
So now, having read the rules, I have five blogs to nominate in turn.
This is hard, given that two of them have recently received awards themselves. So I am going to have a think, and when I have thunked I will be very pleased to share the happiness I feel with five other people.


David said...

Congrats Seahorse! You deserve it.

Cusp said...

I haven't had a chance to come over and really get to grips with your blog before but after reading Goldfish today I traipsed over and I'm so glad I did.

What a rich seam you've been mining, my dear. There's quite a lot of similarities between our situations and it's really interesting to read your point of view.

I'm glad the move went well and that you've gradually become brave enough to let go in the blog and explore your emotions: you help yourself and help others.

Congratulatiosn on the Award: well deserved.


Sally said...

Well deserved. Congrats !

seahorse said...

Thanks all. It's been kind of delirious here, as the award hit at the same time as some kind of nasty tummy bug, but hey it's taken my mind of things.