Thursday, 24 May 2007

Lou Reed

Do, do-do, do-do, do, do-do...
Take a walk where? The wild side? Where was that again?
I have to smile at listening to this so very, very quietly.
It's a no. But fond memories.

I found one of those CD flip-through cases in a drawer. It's like a time capsule. It was what I kept in the car. My car music. Full of music I was listening to driving around in July 2004.

The Scissor Sisters
The Strokes
Lou Reed

I just had to double check the spelling of Royksopp on the CD (but then, I probably would have back in 2004) and couldn't for the life of me remember anything by The Strokes. Then I remembered listening to them in 2003 on a very long coach journey somewhere abroad. I can't remember where. Were The Strokes any good anyway? I do remember a certain louche appeal. Are they still going? Wikipedia confirms they are going strong.
Would I buy this stuff today? Not all of it. Vespertine (Bjork) is stunning, so that stays. Ditto Moby. Goldfrapp - over produced and really quite clinical in execution. Not what I would call music with feeling. Royksopp., can't remember any of it.
Lou Reed. Very old flame. Scissor Sisters. Fun. In fact 'I Don't Feel Like Dancing' did register on my radar fleetingly when it came out recently.
This is all so weird.
But I know what works for me at the moment. The CD case goes back in the drawer. Bjork and Moby are now on itunes. Yes, itunes. I sussed it out this week. It wasn't so difficult :-)
Luckily I can't afford an ipod. Too much too soon and I could blow this gig.


Sally said...

Memories, memories, and only back to 2004 - I go back to 1964 !!!!

A master class in Itunes would help some of us you know !

seahorse said...

Itunes is so easy I laughed at how I've avoided it for so long. First I went to saga cos they have great how to guides for all sorts of things (yes I'm 34 but my brain isn't so it comes in handy).

Google itunes. Download it. Insert CD and it will copy it to your itunes library. Download purchases from the itunes store and they go straight onto itunes (I have a self-imposed ban on purchasing from itunes - it would get out of hand).
It's fun though and they link to recommendations once you've built up a reasonable collection. Ditto with, but that's more about sharing music tastes, bit like flickr is for photography.