Saturday, 5 May 2007

More antics at the botanics

Well, after last week I decided to do it again. And why not? Lovely plants and trees and stuff, a scooter to nip about on and great weather today. The alternative? Stay indoors missing my son who post break-up spends weekends with his Dad.
So off I went once more to the Botanical Gardens. Better scooter today - easier controls. I am learning a lot. Everyone most polite and good at holding doors to glasshouses open etc (though a gremlin of discontent mused why they don't make them automatic for wheelchair users who then don't have to smile sunnily at the next harrassed family with toddlers in toe plus pushchair to just hold the door a tad longer please). Anyway, it's a minor point. I resisted the temptation to go straight for my macro flower shots, hence the misty tropical, and somewhat experimental feel to the one above - it was actually the lens misting over and I decided to reverse out of there quick to avoid my camera seizing up.
Took it a little fast round a blind bend and nearly caused a pile up involving many be-shorted weekend exec types with rather large ice creams. Could have been nasty.

We then have my first attempt at a landscape. I liked the contrasts of greens in the trees and dappled shade, and the branches framed what was beyond quite well. It was such gorgeous weather.
It made me realise my photography of late has reflected my state of mind. I've been cocooned, obsessing even over the detail to be found in the perfectly composed close-up. Nothing surpasses it, and it is still my bag, definitely. Georgia O'Keeffe has had a big influence. I started off in a watercolour class and this is a truly astonishing watercolour artist with an eye for beauty. But I guess now I have a camera, it's good to experiment with different settings, light meters and so forth.

Back to bed for the rest of the day. But I feel it's worth it. As long as i can play catch up for when my son returns on Monday. Plenty of rest until then, and a friend over tomorrow for roast chicken. Haven't had it since I moved in (a month today!) so can't wait. I do love a good roast.
With all the trimmings.


Attila the Mom said...

Oh Seahorse, these are so beautiful!

If you aren't doing this professionally, I can only ask, why the heck not?

I feel like I could step through the screen and roll around in the grass.


seahorse said...

Thank you :-) It's nice to get such a positive reaction. Maybe I'll do it professionally one day.

Sally said...

Lovely pics, and instantly gratifying, unlike painting which needs such a lot of kit !

If you ever get the chance to try out a wheelchair, and compare it with a personal mobility scooter, you will find a wheelchair is easier to manouevre (if its got mid wheel drive) and you are closer to the front so you can reach doors and things yourself, rather than having the handlebars in front of you taking up room and needing both hands. Wheelchair joysticks take no effort.

I contemplated a scooter but decided a wheelchair could get into more places and I could stay sat on it rather than have to leave it outside. Only problem with wheelchair over scooter, is peoples' assumptions that one is much more disabled than a scooter user.

I am so glad you have the botanical gardens close by; landscape and looking at and being in greens and blues is so restorative.

With you on the 'offspring with his dad for the weeked' - make the most of it, because all to soon he will be hanging around you all weekend and, as teenagers do, refusing to get up for anybody until at least 1 pm !!

seahorse said...

Hmmm, in two minds re scooter v chair debate. But then, the way things are at the mo, I'll have plenty of time to mull it over. Thanks for your thoughts though. Haven't tried a chair yet, so will do so as soon as the opportunity presents.