Thursday, 20 September 2007


So I print off the Ashton Manual, which is indeed an excellent resource for anyone involved in benzo withdrawal. I dig out my care plan, and carefully go over Goldfish's really pertinent Guide to Chemical Addiction . I have everything I want to say ready and reasoned. I'm fully prepared for Mr Shiny Shoes. The new psychiatrist I didn't know about who was supposed to come and see me today? The one who, on a whim, messed with my prescription without asking me about it. The clinic called 10 minutes before he was due at my house and cancelled. Honestly, it makes you want to give up trying to give up before you've even started.


The Goldfish said...

Oh dear. I was thinking of you and Mr Shiny Shoes today. When AJ had his vasectomy, which he was understandably nervous about, his appointment was canceled on two occasions where the surgeon was called away in an emergency. This baffled us; an emergency vasectomy?!

Don't despair; you've done your prep already, you won't need to do it all over for when he does come. But I hope that's very soon.

seahorse said...

Thank you Goldfish. That did make me smile (sorry to AJ, but yes, what is an emergency vasectomy...)

I did think at least there's more time to prepare, which I do need. Especially as I'll have forgotten most of what I wanted to say, ooh, yesterday by now :-)