Friday, 12 October 2007

Strength and Power

My Mum is a lot better. Another battle won.

Sometimes the world can seem extremely chaotic and threatening. Events, people, our own thoughts and indeed thoughts that are not our own can all throw us off balance. It gets like that for me, and it gets like that for my Mum. She fell off her mountain, or rather this time I suspect she was pushed, pushed to her limit and then pushed off the edge. But she is climbing back up again. Soon she will be at the top, just like she is in a photo I have. Strong, smiling and at the top of her mountain.
To be coping day in day out with my Grandma's distress, plus me, plus her own ill health and what I shall refer to only as recent 'vileness from abroad', well, she's doing a really amazing job. These pictures were taken back in the summer when I was in Shropshire with my Mum and my son. It was a beautiful sunny day and we were all happy.

My Mum is back from wherever she just went. When I heard her voice today, I knew instantly that she is inhabiting it once more. I was amazed to have her back so quickly this time. As the years pass she is stronger, she is returning. Vileness, we laugh at you. We laugh. We will meet the black fire in your eyes with indifference. You are so very, very pointless. Your power is as faded as your face in our memories. And we know you fear that more than anything.


fluttertongue said...

Great that your Mum is feeling better, and that you aren't laid up in bed with a semi-numb mouth. And lovely pictures, as always.

Sally said...

Vileness, like any evil, most hates to be ignored. It makes them powerless.

Best wishes to all three of you.

seahorse said...

FT: Thank you. I thought a blast of summer may be good.

Sally: Indeed. We can do the bare essentials via a solicitor. Other than that, non responsive seems to cause a satisfying degree of consternation.