Wednesday, 4 June 2008

A Celebration

This morning I was bereft. My scooter sort of blew up yesterday. Well, that's an exaggeration but there was a lot of smoke. A repair bloke told me over the phone he didn't want to charge me the call out only to tell me it was beyond fixing. Which was nice, but heartbreaking.

Then, after much persistence, I found a small family run company with no call out charge. They came to my house within an hour and found it was the brake disc rubbing against metal. Which was causing lots of smoke and a burning smell. Fixable, at a price but far less than what I was facing for another one off ebay. I will have wheels again by the weekend. Though I have to say had the Wheelchair Service provided me with a wheelchair I'd never have had to go through any of this. I'm still waiting. And I'm not giving up.

Suddenly being without my scooter was a huge shock. I had no idea just how much I need it, and I have no idea how I coped staggering about without one for so long. So, to celebrate, this came to mind:


Cusp said...

Wow I was only thinking about Cocteau Twins the other day. I used to love them. Can't think of anything as interesting in that same sense that goes on now. The 80s are laughed at now sometimes as a kind of era when fashion etc was dreadful and excessive but there was some highly creative stuff went on. I was really happy during that period with all the challenging of old ideas about gender roles and dress and ways to make music and art.

Your scooter disaster sounds really dreadful. Thank God you found someone to fix it affordably. I think we all slip into a way of being that seems normal and OK until something goes wrong and then you realise how vulnerable you are.

Hope the Wheelchair Service sorts out something for you soon so you don't have to go through all this again

seahorse said...

Hi cusp, me too! It has been a sudden shock but I recommend anyone caught out in a similar way to call local disability services like DIAL or your disability information bureau. They have databases, and databases yield recommended scooter peeps.

As for the Cocteau Twins, well, I just felt so happy and this is a very happy song.

D Phoenix said...

Good for you for perservering! Thank goodness for small businesses.

It's interesting when an adaptive aid is taken away and then you realize how horribly difficult it is without it. I went a week without my long-handled grabber and I missed it so and was made keenly aware of the fact that I have to bend down rather often to pick things up. My back and legs were really not happy with that. When your scooter is fixed and you're having a shite day, you can remember this absence and perhaps having your mobility aid will give you a little boost...

As for the 80's and music, I agree with cusp. There was so much going on than Duran Duran or REO Speedwagon. I listened to a lot of very creative an inventive stuff, including Cocteau Twins. I hate those '80's collections that make the decade seem so vapid. SUCH a disservice. Laurie Anderson, anybody?

seahorse said...

Donimo, it will give me a boost to be back on my scooter. I will never mutter something 'oldist' to myself ever again. I have a grabby stick too (and yes I nicked the term off a certain Ladyship). Trouble is my memory is so appalling I leave it far away from where I actually need it, like all the time. I need a sling so I can carry it over my shoulder. Bit like a bow and arrow. Or a machine gun. But more useful.
Re music - I have a faves folder on itunes with some of my absolute all time loves. I'm going to make it into a post because I'm increasingly interested in what people carry at the heart of them music-wise. Of course it's a very personal thing, so people may not reciprocate. But as I can't create music any more, I think sharing what I love with others is very meaningful.