Saturday, 21 June 2008


There's a lushness sweeping over the country at the moment.

Although the unpredictable bursts of rain have been frustrating at times, the result is rich and abundant growth in parks, gardens, hedgerows and roadsides.

I'm noticing it every time I go out. I even want to do a Front Gardens Project on my route to school, celebrating everything that is good about making an insignificant patch of gravel or path something special. I plan to get permission, get other people involved to do their streets and put together an exhibition (if they'll let us) in the community centre. Our neighbourhood lacks trees, so front gardens are very special to me. And I have an advantage in sailing past at a slow scooter pace at exactly the right level to see what lies behind the garden walls.

In the past week I took my camera to an open gardens scheme and out into my own back garden where less is happening perhaps. But there are moments. I didn't get the clematis this year, but the rose is in full bloom and I promised Donimo some shots of Lady's Mantle after his beautiful hostas inspired me. Some leaves are made for raindrops. So my son and I went out and grabbed these...

My son took this one

I think I took this one

And I've no idea which of us took this one but we were just caught up in a miniature world of diamonds on green for a while


Anonymous said...

Dear Seahorse,

Gorgeous pictures.

This is Alison, with As seeking beauty, for you, is an "an antidote to ugliness in everyday life," we suggest giving a listen to our latest podcast, called "Born to be BAADS," about people with different abilities working together, in community, to sail.

I found it to be inspiring, empowering and... *beautiful*. Give it a listen, and please also give us some feedback on our comments. I hope it gives you another little piece of beauty in your life.


EkC said...

I love your pictures!! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm a big fan of nature pictures, and have gotten to take some great ones myself living out in Denver (gotta love the mountains)! I'll have to post some on my blog; hopefully I can get out on another hike soon. The raindrops and the intricate detail of your close-ups are stunning, though.

D Phoenix said...

Loverly. They are so crisp and beautiful. I'm so glad I inspired you! I'm looking forward to seeing more photos. I kind of futzed around with my shots a lot and I find that yours are more refreshing somehow. Cleaner. Wetter or something. Nice job.

Maggie said...

Lovely photos.

Thanks for your comment the other day - been very busy for ages, so not had time to blog. Going to the caravan at weekends takes up a huge amount of my available energy, and we are test-driving cars as need to order new Motability car before Tuesday if at all possible.

We still have to finish clearing my parents' flat as well.

Been taking some photos too, but not got the latest ones up on Flickr yet. Maybe later today!

Hugs from Liverpool

S D Everington said...

The photos are glorious. I can smell the leaves just looking at them! Just happened upon your blog from the OUCH website. I'm a disabled writer/mother of similar age (different disability) so I thought I'd take a look. I'll be back!

seahorse said...

Thanks everyone :-)

Alison that certainly sounds interesting, I'll check it out when I can get my head geared up for downloading a podcast (have done it before but may need to teach myself from scratch)

ekc: Ah, mountains. Sigh. Do post some pictures. I'd love to see some.

Donimo: That's funny because I thought your hostas were miles better. The textures and colours really came out at me. They are so beautiful to photograph aren't they?

Maggie: Wow you sound busy! know, the longer I leave it the more daunting it seems. I've registered but never got around to putting much up there. Got more than a year's worth of stuff now.

Shanta: Welcome and hi! Nice to meet you and thanks for visiting from Ouch! It's great that us writer/mothers with disabilities can connect this way :-)