Friday, 25 July 2008

Summer In The City

Last night was great. My neighbours had a sixties summer CD on and it drifted across to me, which is always a good way for music to happen where I'm concerned. I was having a bath and looking out of my window at the tree against the sky.

Windows open, sound of the city outside (why does it always sound better in hot weather) and The Kinks and co wafting over from next door.

I'm going to a wedding reception! First time I've been to one since becoming ill. And yes, I know I can't ask the DJ to turn it down. But the weather looks like it's going to be great so I'm hoping to just lurk outside if I need a rest. Failing that, I've booked a room. So plenty of recovery time available before heading back home. Plus it's not far away, which is why I took the plunge and decided we'd go in the first place.


Cusp said...

Have a lovely time. Perfect day for it.

'Summer in the City': one of my favourite songs...'back o' my neck getting dirt and gritty'

Never That Easy said...

Congrats on the whole leaving the house for a positive reason thing: I'm so happy for you.

And there isn't anything more summery than overhearing a neighbor's musical stylings... I'm just glad they were ones you could appreciate!