Saturday, 12 July 2008

Sweet Shop Time

It's quite reassuring having a whole load of photos to look at when I've not been out. These are from the local Open Gardens scheme which is becoming an annual favourite of mine. It's very accessible, serves top cake and is in many ways more interesting than visiting a public space because each back garden is so different and so lovingly tended.

I think one of the attractions with this event is that we Brits do love a good nose around. My son and I took a taxi between four gardens over the course of an afternoon. Plenty of time to sip tea and eat cake in between taking turns with the camera. Maybe it's the area the event is held in, but everyone was very friendly, swapping ideas and having a good natter. I started this post just after filing the pix, promptly forgot about it and decided to finish it this evening to brighten things up a bit.

This one below was such a teeny tiny flower, but the colour packed into a space smaller than a postage stamp was really quite something. And yet, you could have walked right past it. I rejoiced in having my little fold-up fishing stool thing. Sitting down becomes necessary after a short time with me, and is an absolute bonus when photographing flowers.

Given there are quite a few more images I'll stop gorging for now and let a few pop up occasionally to add a splash of colour when things are getting drab.


D Phoenix said...

Wow, these are beautiful for their composition, texture and colour. Well done. I can't believe you even captured a bee! How close were you? With my on-camera macro lens, I have to get really close. At least with flowers, you can get close and nobody minds. they might think you're a little nuts, but nobody complains. When I go to galleries, I like to see the work from far away and also up close so I can see the brush work etc. I was in the big Vancouver Art Gallery with two other friends who like to get close and the guard wasn't pleased: Ladieeees, please don't hug the paintings.

The open garden event sounds so nice. It must be so bonding to share the camera with your son. I'm looking forward to more pix.

Cusp said...

This evokes lovely memories of similar events. I love all these quintessentially English things and love Open Gardens for the reasons you mention --- oh and the cake of course ;0)

seahorse said...

Donimo: Thanks :-) Very close. It's no accident that I got into macro very quickly as my Fuji F30 does macro best and I tend to be seated (either on a scooter or anything else available) so I'm closer than standing people are. I can get 2cm close when sitting, which I think is very good for a compact. The bees seemed slower on the day in question. Seriously, it makes a difference. Perhaps the warm weather made them a bit sleepy. Normally I don't have a chance for obvious reasons. My son also got a couple of bee shots - he likes a challenge and loves chasing them around.

cusp: It is a lovely event I agree and a taste of the countryside in a big urban sprawl.

EkC said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the color variety. :)