Tuesday, 8 July 2008

And Then There Was One

I've had two little friends causing me a bit of bother of late. Sadly not imaginary, nor particularly welcome.

One in particular was causing mighty interference with my inner workings. So, yesterday Little Ms Fundal Fibrous Polyp was forcibly evicted, leaving Little Ms Fibroid sobbing "All By Myself" into an imaginary microphone, Bridget Jones stylee.

This is a brief post. Polyp removal is straightforward enough and can be done without anaesthetic. Given my risk of complications arising from anaesthetics, I took the plunge and endured seven minutes (yes, I know...an eternity) of teeth-grinding unpleasantness.

The worst bit was actually in the recovery room when all the nerves surrounding my uterus decided to have a big internal firework display in protest at a major cavity being pumped full of saline fluid.

Still, although a little tired today, the pain was temporary and I am finally free of my unwelcome guest. All two centimetres of her. I find it bizarre that something the size of a grape could have been causing so much rumpus on a monthly basis.

I have to confess I felt quite chuffed when the consultant came in and asked if I'd feed back on natural pain relief. I agreed to be part of a polyp removal research project before it was done and it would seem, being a crip an' all that I will be most useful to them. And I thought they'd just laugh if I insisted on plugging into my relaxation music and huffing and puffing rhythmically.
Last time I did that I had a baby.


EkC said...

Glad to hear the "guest" is gone! And hurrah for the Bridget Jones' reference! One of my favorite books/movies. :)

Anonymous said...

It's good to have you back on the blogosphere Seahorse! I was starting to think you might have given up!

Cusp said...

Brave you ! and you showed them another way. You won't be keeping the offending personage in a jar to show people, I hope ;0)

(I had a friend at school who kept her appendix in a box in cotton wool and 'share' same at the drop of a hat !)

S. said...

Oy, Seahorse.

I'm glad it's done.

seahorse said...

ekc: Hi, I just couldn't help the image coming into my head. I think it was one of the best scenes. One of the few I remember in any case.

samedif: Give up??? Sometimes I rest. But give up, never! No one ever gives up blogging once they've started. It gets in the blood. Much like other addictions I guess...

cusp: I've stopped boasting about the size of it now, because I got worried I was being a little bit sad. But I'd love to have it in a jar to gross people out, and I reckon my son would too. He's been asked "What's a ploppy?" once too often I fear.

s. Me too. Hope it was worth it.

Thanks all. Been largely asleep this week. Am hoping for some more waking hours as my system recovers.

D Phoenix said...

You managed vivid and funny at the same time. Such a talent!

Best of luck with recovery. I know first hand that recovering from an acute illness/injury/medical procedure when one already has a chronic condition is a challenging thing. It sounds like you're pretty good at pacing yourself and all. I hope your 7 1/2 minutes give you hours of relief.

seahorse said...

Hi Donimo, slowly emerging from a week of being pretty much flattened. Still think it was best to not have anaesthetic though. It'd have taken even longer to get going again!

seahorse said...

Anonymous I removed your comment. I am sorry if this upsets you but as another blogger puts it, this is an extension to my home and I felt uncomfortable with what you posted being up here. As I know who you are, I feel you (more than many) deserved an explanation at least. Take care.