Tuesday, 23 January 2007


Ok, so it's not all about flowers. Not every day anyway but I do love them. And their presence on the internet adds an instant burst of sunshine and colour. Tomorrow I am hoping to post some snowy scene pictures. Saw a fox in the back garden today and it was beautiful in the crisp winter sun but gone too quickly. Will he return? Will I be in? In the meantime, disseminating beauty can be done in written form too. Blogging being the mode du jour. But what about letter writing? Is it too odd these days to have a letter from a friend drop through the door? I believe in reviving the art of letter writing. It makes people feel good. It can reach parts no email or blog can, and it is a craft, especially when you add a good ink pen and purple (yes ok a bit pretentious but it looks ace) ink.
So, writing letters, scribbling thoughts, sending funny things to people. It all puts back a lot of good karma. Which is much needed in rebalancing things, both from my own perspective and from what is suggested to me when I meet people. We're lacking some of the good solid means of communication. Like letters, and talking.