Monday, 22 January 2007

Promised land

This is a campaign, albeit a very small one. It may just affect me, but I hope it will go beyond my bubble of existence and create good feelings or thoughtful responses in anyone who reads it.
Sometimes I may not be feeling so good, but will still endeavour to stick to the plan. A Beauty Offensive is long overdue in my opinion. Beauty is all around us. It is everywhere in fact. Blink and you can miss it. Spend years blinkered by stress and you may, as in my case, have beauty returned to your life through illness. Is such a thing possible? Most definitely.
Illness, in my case a disabling chronic illness, makes you slow down. And in slowing down, once you get over the shock, which in my case took more than a year, you see things around you in a different way. And once you can train your mind's eye to pick out things of beauty, it goes from there.
So this blog is a Beauty Offensive. Why so military? Because I am combating not only ugly environs, but ugly attitudes (to life in general, or issues in specific like disablism). I am combating my own negativity, which has become entrenched but is being coaxed out of the trench and sent packing by embarking on what may be a very satisfying way of fighting back. Ugliness is everywhere if you let it in. This is about counter attack. Putting something else in place.

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