Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Weaving through town

On my way to therapy I spotted these:

Today's journey into the city centre was an interesting one. I needed to be dropped near the tax office for the purpose of delivering tax return. I always go into town to do this. Yes, I know about post boxes, but it's sort of a tradition. I liken the buzz of a completed tax return handed in at the last minute to the buzz of essays done through the night all those years ago. This year's race to the finish was hampered, or maybe enhanced by new rules prohibiting any taxi but a black cab from dropping people in the city centre. This poses real problems if you can't walk very far. But walk I did and had my camera handy as going into the city is a big event these days. I only had a few minutes to find inspiration but fell upon a flower stall.

I really enjoyed the buzz of being out and about and surrounded by so much subject matter. I forgot about any fatigue or pain grumbling away and finished with the much over used shot of the Rotunda, soon to become an apartment block of entirely circular apartments. Bit like a stack of polo mints perhaps. All looking very vibrant in the sunshine anyway. Then I did feel done in but it was worth it.

This building has proved its worth in my book. I always loved it anyway, especially in the 70s when it was emblazoned with an illuminated coca cola sign all around its top. That, along with the time display winking from the roof of the newspaper offices, proved a real landmark for a city somewhat lacking in positive landmarks. Spaghetti Junction is Spaghetti Junction, and you should see the Star City entertainment complex nearby. Now that really is a monstrosity. But I think there's a lot of good stuff going on here in Birmingham too. We just need more variety. There can be too many apartments, too many shops. Are we supplying a demand or trying to create it?

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