Thursday, 25 January 2007

In hibernation

Hibernating does have its merits. But you do feel as though a whole day has passed you by. Today was beautiful and sunny. Each month I know I am going to lose the use of my legs for a couple of days or so. So I'm pretty much in bed admiring the weather (lots of wind last month I recall).
I love the crisp sunshine at this time of year. It is also possible to find plantlife that will photograph pretty well even when at its most dried up and, well, dead. Here's one I took when I did manage to get out and about.

I need to clear a couple of things up. At first I was a little disappointed to find myself alone in cyberspace. I thought people would just find this, and get what it was all about. Now I am a little wiser and know it will take time. Also, taking part in things should help. Just because you've read excellent blogs and feel you know people, it doesn't mean they know anything about you. Which is weird. Guess I need to try and be a bit more forthcoming. But is there etiquette to follow? Boundaries that could be unwittingly crossed? Am I allowed, for example, to congratulate the goldfish on her recent wonderful news? I feel, having read her blog for a year, as if I know so much about her. Her life, views, marvellous attitude to coping with illness. A major voice in disability blogging circles, she has taught me so much in terms of accepting my current state. So I am delighted she and AJ look so happy. And even though she doesn't know me, I do want to congratulate her.
And then there's all the technology, but I find the google bloggers group a great instant 'How do I?' resource.
Tired, achey. Going to bed.