Thursday, 29 March 2007


Ok, things are really shifting up several gears all at once at this end. I have a provisional date for moving (next Thursday), the van is booked and various calls to all and sundry are being got through.
On a practical level, all is in hand. Emotionally...well that's another story. Suffice to say this is the hardest bit. Being somewhat in limbo, waiting to sign and get the keys, not being able to pack because my GP has just diagnosed a back problem that requires physio. Hence the wobbly legs. I feel I should ask for an X-ray. But would this be getting too hysterical?
Anyway, to spare everyone too much rambling, and to hopefully ease the hysteria, there is a point to all this. I am just wondering how the hell I am going to get through a move and manage to protect my already precarious state of health from worsening. Because this is my big fear. Not being able to cope. Deteriorating. Everything going tits up. Or do I just go with the flow and accept I will feel extra ill for a few weeks.
Also, as I would like to settle in and see my son settled as quickly as can be achieved, I would appreciate any bright ideas on making a new place homely, without excessive DIY? Little touches. I have my pink fairy cube lights for starters, and I'm thinking accessories largely, things that make a room cosy, magical even. I had a vague idea about making a bead curtain...If any crafty sorts out there have any other ideas that can be made inexpensively but with that soothing touch, please do let me know. Projects need to be able to be done largely from a reclining position :-)


Sally said...

When me and my Bump moved into our own place, what worked for her was being allowed to make her room her own in her own way, and time to explore the surroundings, and a share in deciding how the rooms would be arranged, which was not necessarily how I would have arranged it !

Lots of living plants give an instant feel of being settled in a new place. Green, breathing, with the soil covered in washed gravel. Maybe you can get them delivered, or ask friends for donations.

Good luck.

The Goldfish said...

Well, I think you do have to anticipate being knackered for a while after the move, that's inevitable. But you must also do whatever you can to lessen the impact.

It may seem obvious, but pack a box which you will transport with yourself, which is everything you need in the first 24 hours. The kettle, teabags, milk, spoons, soap, loo-roll towels etc. If you can afford to, avoid planning to cook or do any major jobs in the first few days.

Also just make sure that you don't inadvertantly get roped into any physical tasks which you don't have to do - let the removal people do all the work and give them as much information as possible for putting things in the right places.

Sally's idea about plants is a good idea. Will rack my brains. But wanted to wish you the best of luck in the meantime.

seahorse said...

You are both most kind and have very wise and comforting advice.
I have three days and some friends helping to pack (can't bend over!) so am doing ok.
Sally - I think it's a great idea to let my son choose how he wants things. I read that Sinead O'Connor allowed her son to decorate his own room graffiti style. But I would imagine she wasn't renting :-) Plants are good, but I tend to kill them. V forgetful. But a cacti collection could work.
Goldfish - spot-on advice. My brain isn't capable of practicalities, so this was v helpful. My current back trouble really is a blessing in disguise as it's stopped me doing anything.