Thursday, 10 May 2007

In celebration

Finally a man arrived today to clear up the garden. It has been a complete no-go area since we moved in owing to huge brambles covering the lawn and a hedge that wouldn't look out of place around Sleeping Beauty's castle. Not that I have delusions of beautifulness or regality (though I do lie down a lot...and sometimes it can feel like 100 years). No, just a fanciful notion of a Prince Charming veering off the main road and crashing through the privet. Large white horse galloping through the suburbs, dark flowing locks, that sort of thing.
Well, I got a tattooed gentleman with a chainsaw, and we had a nice if sporadic chat over cups of tea and me wafting about snipping with the secateurs in between rest times.
It felt good to be out in the garden, and to see it taking shape. It needed some major surgery - which has revealed that there's actually some lovely stuff hidden underneath. A climbing rose, a honeysuckle and the above clematis, which will be something of a photography project this week.
I got raindrops today, but what I really want is sun on raindrops, very close up and poised to fall from velvet purple petals. We shall see what the weather brings.


S. said...

What a lovely shot!

seahorse said...

Why thank you. Lots of rain since, but no sun unfortunately.