Wednesday, 21 February 2007

carnival and calvin

I like Mark's blog. It's where the next carnival on employment is to be held. I posted early, in my eagerness, and am glad that my rambles about Permitted Work have generated some responses which add to the debate. Basically, the Department for Work and Pensions is a nonsense, a travesty, and indeed would be a comedy of errors if it weren't so utterly tragic.
My brain really isn't in gear tonight so check out Mark's page tomorrow and here to join the DWP debate.
I had to venture out today and left a newly purchased Calvin and Hobbes book in Holland and Barrett. This is to hopefully be resolved tomorrow. Wonder what they made of it?

Those unfamiliar with Calvin and Hobbes should note that, in my opinion, it outclasses any other cartoon strip by miles. In fact I don't really like any other cartoon strips. Their creator Bill Watterson stopped producing them in 1995 as he became disillusioned with the whole media lark and wrangling over not over-commercialising his creations, but there are many collections available that he did allow, all hilarious. But then comedy is so subjective. Calvin is six. He has a toy tiger (Hobbes) who comes alive when no adults are around, and they are generally to be found getting up to no good and musing and theorising as only precocious six-year-olds and stuffed tigers can. Watterson considers Hobbes reality to be more of a philosophical question, concerning perceptions of reality and the co-existence of different realities for different people at the same time. Kind of appropriate in the disability arena, come to think of it.

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