Thursday, 8 February 2007

Feeling for snow

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. Schools out, the holidays came two days sooner than expected. Happy kids everywhere. My friend who is leaving teaching this week got an early and most welcome release. It's been ace!

Yes! Snow! And lots of it. It really is becoming a 'once in every five years or so' experience here in our unnaturally warmer UK.
It was such a joy today. That real childlike joy that brings out the kid in everyone, most importantly the kids, who I feel are far too overburdened these days with homework and assessments to really enjoy the experience of being a child.
Today was about sledging down hills in the park, watching dogs go crazy, marvelling at giant snowballs sitting on the horizon like some wacky art installation placed incongruously against the urban backdrop. It was about getting freezing cold, feeling warm because of friends, and not even caring about the voice that was saying 'you shouldn't be out in this, get back indoors.' I didn't care. I may pay for it tomorrow but it's always better to feel crappy after having had fun, than to just feel generally crap. And today really did allow me to go wild with the camera. Snow is a difficult subject. It is wet and can damage your equipment. It creates blobs where you don't want them. And you need to look for contrast, hence the bright colours posted here.

More snow please. I feel thirty years younger. Which feels great.

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