Tuesday, 6 February 2007


The past two years feels like a long period of absence. Sometimes we need time to pause, sometimes it is forced upon us. Either way, it can lead to an altered perspective that encompasses all that has been travelled through on the road to acceptance. The good and the bad.

I think it's called wisdom, although I hesitate at being so presumptious.
But if we choose to observe the lessons within what life has thrown at us, if we become less passive and actively seek out the value in what we have been shown then surely wisdom will follow.
I would love to be wise. There are many people I admire who possess this quality. I don't think it's necessarily a word that people connect with me. But it certainly feels like something attainable. Which is progress.

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Kathy Podgers said...

What a beautiful shot! i love the walkway, and the light at the end. Looks like China, or Princeton in NJ.

Thanks for your nice comment, it feels great to have someone visit!