Sunday, 25 February 2007

Daffs and a Flickr of sunshine

Well that's better. Some daffodils in the house make all the difference. Last night I stayed up into the wee hours taking a closer look at Flickr. In fact I've made a start at putting some of my blog pix up there. It's well worth checking out if you have an enthusiasm for photography (note, enthusiasm rather than aptitude, which I would never be so bold as to presume) and wish to share your images and see some beautiful stuff by other people, such as An Unreliable Witness, whose work, in all genres, I like very much. There are all sorts of groups at Flickr you can join to suit your style and interests. It really is a great place. Gladdens the soul. Bring on the daffodils, sunshine and some beautiful things to capture! Enthusiasm is a great thing. It alleviates all manner of ills.


Sally said...

Hi Seahorse
Lovely picture of daffs - is it yours? The background colour (as it appears here) of pale lilac/blue sets off the pale yellow beautifully.
Hope your ills are alleviated by blogging.

seahorse said...

It is indeed. Sometimes the light is just right, and I had a lucky moment. Thanks :-)

Kathy Podgers said...

What a beautiful, sunny face! Nice shot!