Friday, 9 February 2007

Barrow girl

Some time soon I hope to be able to share my snow video with you. When I've worked out how to post a video here.

In the meantime...

Take this simple common or garden wheelbarrow. Dumped against a wall doing nothing one day. Now transformed by a sprinkling of snow. Even the utilitarian can be beautiful.

Soon, I promise, there will be no more snow posts. But please indulge me in the meantime. It's providing a welcome distraction from some major pressing issues, which I will go into in more depth when I feel able.

I could have gone further with sledging shots, tree shots, but I'll call it a day for now.


fluttertongue said...

Thank you for your comment! Have you read Orhan Pamuk's Snow? It's lovely and very evocative. I like the snow too - it makes you look at things differently.

seahorse said...

No, but will check it out. Thanks :-)