Friday, 23 February 2007

Mild hysteria over

Yes there has been an outbreak of chicken pox in the household and yes it did momentarily send me a little strange yesterday,what with all the general pressure, but all is well now. We were wondering if my son would ever get it, and at nearly nine it's best he gets it out of the way now. I found the ultimate in wacky remedies on the internet yesterday. Bathing in oatmeal with added bicarbonate of soda. If anyone can explain why this works, it would satisfy my curiosity. But it really does seem to work. Soothes itching and lessens redness. Makes a bloody mess of the bathroom though.


Ruth said...

I hope you all feel better soon. My grandmother was a big believer in all things herbal - remedies - and lived to her late 90's. She used to use poultices when we had chest congestion and they sure worked. The oatmeal does help with the itching - don't know why but she used that too.
btw thanks for your support over at my blog. I enjoyed visiting here. Take care,

seahorse said...

Thanks Ruth. I remembered that oatmeal is a main homemade facepack ingredient too, so it obviously works some magic somehow.