Saturday, 24 February 2007

Light fantastic

Just to say I tried to capture some beautiful birdsong for general delectation earlier. The sound on the clip lived up to expectations, but it was such a grey day that I decided to leave it for now and wait for a sunset or at least a sunny day. Or something a little less drab than the current inclement conditions, please!
It occured to me that what with everything that's going on, I hadn't even noticed how dull February has been. That's February, I suppose, but it really leaves one feeling washed out. Time for spring. The first daffodils are appearing.
But in the absence of both inspiration, good weather conditions, and adequate mobility (very poor at this precise mo) I offer you this instead...the lights above my computer. This warm, pretty glow is where I can be found when blogging. These lights soften my surroundings, soften battered senses and soften my heart.


The Goldfish said...

I love strings of lights. If I had my way and if it was practical to do so, I would light the entire house like that.

seahorse said...

Me too :-)