Tuesday, 13 February 2007


My life has suddenly entered the fast lane. This is somewhat difficult to maintain given that I have a condition that requires me to live more in the manner of a very unfrequented B road.
But events are unfolding before me at a rapid pace. In short it involves a relationship breakdown (mine) and a house move (possibly imminent).
I am between my current abode, where my computer is, and my mum's (where I can rest and absorb the hugeness of events).
It's all going to work out ok. This has been on the cards for a long time. Got to dash. Viewing a house. Some finger crossing from those of you not busy typing would be much appreciated.
Will post again when I am back later in week.


The Goldfish said...

Fingers duly crossed (typing with one hand). May it all pass as smoothly as possible.

fluttertongue said...

I hope the house move goes OK and that you have many people to help you out with all the hoo haa. Spring is soon upon us bringing new joys to the soul - a good time for new beginnings. Only one thing: make sure you move somewhere where you can use your photography and filming talents for the benefit of we who view!